Baby bedding - Herringbone, Blush

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Lovely and super soft bedding set with a beautiful herringbone pattern in a delightful blush colour. Both duvet and pillow closes with a discrete zipper.

All bedding sets come in matching gym bags with drawstrings that serve as backpack straps. Ideal for multi purposes such as kids gym bag or backpack, storage bag for toys, shoe bag or small laundry bag. Make sure to use it and reuse it.

Make the duvet stay in place
​Inside the duvet cover you will find ribbons in each corner, with which you can fasten the corners of the duvet, to help it stay in place inside the duvet cover. Tie the tip of the duvet to the ribbons to make the duvet stay right in place. ​If you don't want the ribbons inside the duvet cover, you can simply cut them off.

​100% soft organic cotton

​Baby: 100x140 cm (duvet), 40x45 cm (pillow)
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