About Gubini

Gubini is a Danish brand founded in 2016 that offers lovely, high-quality products primarily for children. However, our products are so delicious and with such beautiful patterns and colours, that several of our products also will fit in with the adults. Each product is down to the last detail developed with great focus on quality, design and function.

Our patterns and colours are characterized by being modern, exclusive and vibrant in expression - but without making too much noise. In this way Gubini contributes to a calm and inspiring environment for both children and adults. That means, that our products fit in everywhere in the home - not only in the children's room. At the same time, we have carefully thought out that our colours and pattern go well together, so that you can combine different designs and thus achieve new, exciting expressions.

We use natural and organic raw materials, that take care of the environment. And at the same time, our materials are both of high quality and soft to the touch.