About Gubini

Gubini was founded in 2016 based on the desire to offer beautiful, tactile and high quality interior products that contribute to the children's important break from everyday busy schedule and many impressions. The products come alive with inspiring patterns that stimulate the children's imagination and delicious, calm colours. Moreover, it is essential that the design fits comfortably against the backdrop of the home. Whereever in the home the children find a cosy corner to snuggle, Gubini's products must complement the tranquil feel of the space and thus not seem too "noisy". The products are a perfect fit for the children's room, but are also beautiful accents wherever they may appear in your home.

Each product is developed with great focus on both quality and functionality. It is our ambition that our products provide a calm and coherent expression that appeals to the child as well as the grown up. Therefore, we have focused on developing designs, textures and colours that can impart a sense of serenity and comfort while supporting play and creativeness. Our products have a timeless, Nordic expression with a modern interpretation. It is important that our products are of high quality, luxurious to the touch and at the same time function optimally. Therefore, you will find functional and original details on our products that ensure that functionality is also in the top.

We celebrate the nature and our environment which we will attend to take care of. Therefore, we use natural and organic materials for our products. In addition, it is precisely in nature the inspiration for a number of our designs, colors and patterns are found.

All our products are made with love and care for your little loved ones.